• Predictable Pipeline Generation

    Search Conversion Workflow

    Right-size your 'Customer Acquisition Cost'

    Understand your Customer Behaviour

    Increase your Revenues

  • Grow your sales pipeline

    Simplify your Search Marketing Mechanism

    Increase the chances of 'Conversion'

    Smoothify 'Search-to-Information finding' experience for your audience

    Track the performance of your process

  • Pains in your Push Marketing?

    Competitive Rush getting intense?

    Leverage your efforts and expenses effectively

    Minimize lead generation pains

    Measure the performance


PipeBagger is a Search Conversion Workflow, using Google Adwords, Landing Pages, CTAs and Enquiry forms. Its that simple.

Our Focus

Rather than trying to do everything well, we decided to just do ONE thing brilliantly.

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Building Trust by Providing Quality

When you need our help, we will be there! No waiting for days for returned emails. No wondering if your request has been received. We make sure you know you're special to us and that your needs are important.

Google Adwords

Our skills in understanding your RIGHT audience and their needs, purpose of your campaign, researching and grouping the persona-based keywords will produce a great Adword campaign, reflecting in your analytics, in no time..

Keyword Research & Grouping

The beauty lies in details and our attention to details and behavioural knack will give you an edge over the competitors, while giving you the best bang for the buck in terms of your 'Adwords investment'.

Ad-copy writing

Most relevant and purpose-serving ad-copy, not just 'word-beautifying' content, is what our differentiation lies in.

Landing page - CTA - Inquiry Form

Not just web, but more of marketing mind and artistic touch is what will make your investment on the 'Click' have better impact through our Landing Page + CTA + Enquiry Form creation. A/B split tests, Thank you pages and Periodic Reiterations will ensure continuous improvements.

Marketing Automation Management

Our Marketing Automation skills will make us work within your umbrella, for all the data entry, tracking, reporting and connecting activities.


PipeBagger is NOT your Cost-Reduction partner.

About Us

We are your 'Revenue-Increment' unit, helping in predictifying the pipeline generation.

Who We Are

We are 'Adwords experts', with 'Sales Outcome' mindset.

Our Proven Model

  • PPC-Expert

    Full-Time Dedicated 'Adwords Expert'

  • Consultant

    'Sales Outcome Mindset', managing 5-6 Adwords Experts.

  • Relationship

    'Bird-Eye' viewer, ensuring quality and continuous improvements.

  • On-demand Specialists

    Designer, Web Developer, Campaign Specialist

Our Skills

Ad Campaigns Management :: 90%

Workflow Design :: 80%

Design & Development :: 65%

Remarketing :: 85%

Ad copy writing :: 75%

Our Approach

Lean Start-up Philosophy

Incremental Build. | MVP: Iterative Process.

Agile Methodology

Marketing vision & business requirements. | Requirement specifications & project plans.

Weekly Updates & Review

Scrum & Sprints.



(Green Tea Lovers)

We are driven by the management team from Entrpreneurship, PPC Training and Consulting, Outbound-cum-Inbound sales generation backgrounds. Our execution team is majored by the 'Google adwords experts', and supported by Web developers, Graphic designers, Content & copy writers.


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